Two summers, one winter

Documentary work

Documentary | 2017 | 46 minutes

We meet Thea Steen (25) in New York where she has established herself as a freelance journalist. She has a lot of exciting things going on and she has made many new friends. Everything is right, and she is happy to live her dream. But then Thea notices that something is wrong with her body, and she goes to the doctor. In one year, Thea goes from pursuing her dream in New York to becoming a cancer patient. She takes us with her on the journey, and we follow her and her family through hopes, lows, joys and sorrows.

The Norwegian health minister Bent Høye wrote on facebook after seeing the film: "Strong documentary by and about Thea Steen. In a time of her own illness, she found the strength to work for others not to experience the same as her. We must not forget and keep the #sjekkdeg commitment up! Thanks go out to Thea and her family."

Featuring: Thea Steen
Production: Ingvil Giske, Medieoperatørene
Sound: Sven Jakobsen
Editing: Karen Gravås
Cinematography: Thea Steen, Lukasz Zamaro
Director: Leiv Igor Devold


  • Nomination to Prix Europa, Berlin, Germany