• Salt

Fiction | 12 minutes  

is a dark tale of a girl growing up in a castle, with parents who are so fixed in their ways, that they are slowly crystallizing into salt figures.

As the girl gets older she is scared of suffering the same fate as her parents. Deep down, she knows that she has to find a way out so that she can make her own life choices.

SALT mixes puppetry and stop frame animation with dance. Filmed underground in the amazing salt mine chapels of Wieliczka, Poland, this dark story is magically brought to life mixing live action with stop frame animation, giving the characters a ghost like quality.

An English, Norwegian and Polish collaboration, the 12-minute film was written and directed by dance, choreography, and theatre veteran, Maria Lloyd, and features a starring role for former Game of Thrones actress Octavia Selena Alexandru.

Behind the scenes, the film features the work of Sean Myatt - the British puppeteer who recently worked on Kate Bush's celebrated 2014 Before the Dawn live shows - and the music of acclaimed violinist Alexander Balanescu from the Balanescu Quartet.

The film is a co-production between Medieoperatørene, Aurora Films, Sentrifugal Films, and Plesnar & Krauss Films.

The film can be seen here on BBC online, together with the "making of Salt" film directed by Leiv Igor Devold.

Produced by Ingvil Giske
Directed by Maria Lloyd
Directors assistant: Leiv Igor Devold
Co-producer: Leiv Igor Devold