#sjekkdeg - 2015

Commercial work

The #sjekkdeg campaigns main film in 2015, with Jenny Skavlan, Ezinne Okparaebo and Cecilie Steinmann Neess. Shown in 85 cinemas across the country, on various websites and on social media. And on NRK daily news. 

Before the campaign, there was a downward trend among young women with fewer girls taking a pap test in Norway. But in March 2017 – a year and a half after the campaign movie was launched, and two years after the #sjekkdeg campaign started, more than 34,000 girls more had done the pap cancer test in Norway.

In Norway, there are about 300 new cases of cervical cancer each year, and 70 die annually from the disease. By taking a pap test you can detect a precursor to cancer, and with the help of a simple treatment can help prevent the disease.

The #sjekkdeg campaign has received a lot of attention, and it is believed that the campaign has already contributed to saving lives - and to reducing the number of cases of cervical cancer in Norway.

Read more about the campaign here: http://kreativtforum.no/arbeid/2015/09/kreftforeningen

Director: Leiv Igor Devold
Cinematography: Lukasz Zamaro

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