False start

Fiction work

Fiction | 27 minutes

Witek is traveling to Norway to persuade his ex-girlfriend Teresa and their joint child to move back to Poland with him. Through meetings with Teresa and their daughter, we follow his struggle with himself in his wish to reunite the family. 

Co-production between the Norwegian- and Polish- film school and Polish TV (TVP). 

Cast: Marcin Sztabinski, Beata Kozikowska, Zuzanna Czerwinska, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal
Cinematographer: Radoslaw Ladczuk
Script: Krzysztow Sliwka
Director: Leiv Igor Devold


  • Honorable mention in Grimstad, Norwegian short film festival, Norway 
  • The hour glass in Grimstad, for script writer Sliwka, Norwegian short film festival, Norway


  • Nomination for best director Polish Independent Movie Awards, Poland
  • Marcin Sztabinski nominated as best actor, Polish Independent Movie Awards, Poland
  • Radoslaw Ladczuk nominated as best cinematographer, Polish Independent Movie Awards, Poland