Festival screenings

Films I have worked have been screened at these festivals (selected):
1 CPH:DOX, Denmark. – The Accidental Rock Star
2 Annecy International Animated Film Festival, France. – The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
3 Warsaw International Film Festival, A-Listed Festival, Poland – Izriqaq
4 International Short Film Festival in Cracow, A-Listed Festival, Poland –  two films; The Journalist and False Start
5 IDFA, The Netherlands – two films; The Journalist, War Games
6 Nordic Panorama, Sweden / Denmark. – three films; False Start, Salt and My Norwegian Grandfather
7 Nordishe Filmtage Lübeck, Germany – three films; Tomorrow, False Start and The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
8 The Short Film Festival in Grimstad, Norway – 6 films; Tomorrow, Endurance, False Start, My Norwegian grandfather, Simons Help
9 Cottbus Film Festival, Germany – The man who knew 75 languages
10 Haugesund Film Festival Short program, Norway – two films; Izriqaq and Salt
11 New Horizon, Wroclaw, Poland – two films; False Start, My Norwegian Grandfather
12 Nordic / Docs, Fredrikstad, Norway. – two films; The Accidental Rock Star, The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
13. Brest European short film festival, France – False Start
14 Cinema Pavasaris, Vilnius International Film Festival, Lithuania – The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
15 BIFF Bergen International Film Festival, Norway (two films; The Man Who Knew 75 Languages, The Accidental Rock Star)
16 Beirut International Film Festival, Lebanon – Izriqaq
17 Dubai International Film Festival, United Arab Emirates – Izriqaq
18 BIAF Korean international Film festival (in competition for feature films), Korea – The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
19 Baltic days, Oslo, Norway – The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
20 ANIMASYROS International Animation Festival + Agora Hermoupolis, Syros island, Cyclades, Greece – The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
21 Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway – The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
22 Carrefour du animé animation, Forum des images Paris, France – The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
23 MONSTRA, Lisbon, Portugal – The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
24 BLON Animation & Games Festival, Klaipeda, Lithuania – The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
25 Future Animation Film Festival, Bologna, Italy – The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
26 Anibar International AnimationFestival, Kosovo – The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
27 Kosmorama International Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway – The Accidental Rock Star
28 Minimalen, Trondheim, Norway – The Journalist
29 Northern Film Festival The Netherlands – The Accidental Rock Star
30 Days of Cinema, Palestine – Izriqaq
31 Boston Palestine film festival, USA – Izriqaq
32 Carthage Film Festival, Tunis – Izriqaq
33 Tangier film festival, Morocco – Izriqaq
34 Polish Film Days, Fredrikstad, Norway (two films; The Accidental Rock Star, The Man Who Knew 75 Languages).
35 Next reel film festival, Tisch school of the Arts, NYU, USA – Tomorrow
36 SHORT at Filmens Hus, Norway
37 Hamarama, Lillehammer cinema, Norway – Salt
38 SHORT at KINOKINO, Stavanger, Norway – Salt
39 Interfilm Festival Berlin, Germany – Salt
40 London Short Film Festival, England – Salt
41 One world film festival, Czech Republic – The Journalist
42 Cinedance Amsterdam, Netherlands – Salt
43 Jumping Frames, Hong Kong – Salt
44 WGIK student film festival, Moscow, Russia – False Start
45 Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, Romania. – Salt
46 Sinema Dans Ankara, Turkey – Salt
47 North Hollywood Cine fest, USA – Salt
48 Documentary Film Festival in Volda, Norway – The Accidental Rock Star
49 FRAME The London Dance Film Festival, England – Salt
50 Loikka Festival and tour, Finland – Salt
51 Screen dance festival in Stockholm, Sweden – Salt
52 Movimiento and Movimiento, Mexico
53 Nordic Film Fest, Rome, Italy – Salt
54 The Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, Poland – My Norwegian Grandfather
55 Collectivo Nordico, Mexico – The Accidental Rock Star
56 Greenland Eyes, International Film Festival, Denmark, Norway, Faroe Islands and Greenland – My Norwegian Grandfather
57 Küstendorf Film and Music Festival, Serbia – False Start
58 Young and Film festival, Koszalin, Poland – The Journalist
59 OFF Akademia Filmow, Poland – False Start
60 Cieszyn, Film Festiwal "Wakacyjne kadry", Poland – Tomorrow
61 International Festival of Film schools in Poitiers, France – Tomorrow

Other screenings (not TV or festivals): 
Blue screen, The Accidental Rock Star, Norway
Lincoln Center, New York, USA – two films; My Norwegian Grandfather, Salt
Krakow Salt mines, Poland – Salt
Stavanger cinema, Norway – Two summers, one winter
The Accidental Rock Star shown in the "cultural schoolbag" in Vestfold, Norway
The Accidental Rock Star shown at Olavsfestkino 2019
Norway Dance Moments at Goethe Institute in Krakow – Salt
Poland Circolo Scandinavio Roma, Italy
East village New York, International Dance Film Screening, USA – Salt
5 Public screens Stavanger, 2014 – Salt
In cinema program for Oslo's "kinomotografer", as pre-runner film – The Journalist
Norwegian short films 2005 DVD, by Norwegian Film Institute – The Journalist
Amandus Film Festival, Lillehammer – The Accidental Rock Star
Norwegian cinema distribution The Accidental Rock Star in 2015